Inspiring Greatness on the Basketball Court

TCL, a leading global intelligent technology company and the Global Top 2 TV Brand, today announced an extension of its global partnership with FIBA, following a highly successful six-year collaboration which dated back to 2018. The agreement, part of TCL's well-established, global premium sports sponsorship program, highlights the company's commitment to uniting global fans through the power of basketball and inspiring greatness everywhere.

"Over the years, the TCL brand has become synonymous with sports excellence through our strategic cooperation and ecosystem of innovative products that improves lives and experiences," said Wei Xue, Vice President of TCL Technology and Chairman of the TCL Charity Foundation. "We are delighted to continue as a FIBA Global Partner and further accelerate the development and progress of basketball globally."

Throughout the partnership, TCL played a crucial role in helping make possible FIBA's largest and most successful events in history. In addition to premium brand visibility on the courts, TCL presented the "TCL Player of the Game" award at the end of each FIBA game, including the games at FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. For the tournament, TCL supported an intensive three-day planning workshop for FIBA partners and facilitators in the Philippines, built commercial display booths in all three host countries, and set up Fan Cams for on-court activities in all 92 games.

The extended partnership provides TCL with essential commercial rights across all FIBA competitions until end of 2027, which include the men's and women's Olympic Qualifying Tournaments, the FIBA Continental Cups for both men and women, FIBA Youth World Cups, the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2026, and FIBA's pinnacle event, the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2027.

"FIBA and TCL enjoy a strong partnership that is now being extended to a third consecutive World Cup cycle," said Andreas Zagklis, FIBA Secretary General. "TCL has not only become synonymous with some of the best player performances in FIBA competitions, but they have also shown a great appetite to support wider basketball campaigns. The highly active part they have played in promoting women in basketball, one of our strategic priorities, is the kind of added value that makes us particularly satisfied to be extending this agreement for another four years."

Under its global #TCLforHer pillar, TCL became the Global Promotional Partner of "Her World, Her Rules" in 2021, one of FIBA's most recognized initiatives which aims to increase the participation of girls in basketball by recruiting more players at school age through a range of activities. An extension of TCL's mission to inspire more young female hoopers, the "Break & Believe" campaign was later launched in 2022 with FIBA to help women and girls build self-confidence and unleash their full potential.

Rooted in its vision to Inspire Greatness, TCL is committed to celebrating the connective and inclusive spirit of basketball beyond the courts. Supported by its portfolio of cutting-edge home entertainment products ranging from TVs to soundbars, TCL brings sports fans worldwide a truly immersive at-home viewing experience, allowing them to experience greatness in every corner of life.

TCL is a leading global intelligent technology company with a mission to "Inspire Greatness". As a leading technology company, TCL provides diversified consumer electronics covering TVs, smartphones, audio and smart home products, as well as display technology and clean energy solutions. TCL is committed to bringing smart technology experiences and healthy lifestyles to consumers around the world.

Launch of Three New Boat Models

Twin Vee PowerCats Co., a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of power sport boats, today announced the launch of three new boat models as it closes out the fourth quarter of 2023. The second-generation Twin Vee 400 GFX, the Aquasport 24 Center Console, and the Twin Vee 280 GFX Dual Console are the latest additions to the Company's diverse lineup of boats.

"The launch of these three new boat models signifies our relentless pursuit of innovation. We're dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our customers and providing them with unparalleled quality, performance, and choice," said Joseph Visconti, President and CEO of Twin Vee PowerCats Co. "Even in challenging times, we remain focused on diversifying our lineup and inspiring new and existing customers, as well as the broader recreational marine industry."

Twin Vee's 2024 400 GFX boasts second-generation enhancements that elevate its performance and comfort to new heights. According to Visconti, the Company has worked hard to incorporate feedback from its dealer network and build upon the successful launch of the first-generation models in 2022. "Our new 400 GFX is faster, having reached 75 miles per hour in recent testing. With over 450 square feet of deck space, 2,500 quarts of insulated storage, 150-gallon livewell capacity, and powered by up to 1800 HP, our 2024 400 GFX has more storage, more seating, more tech, and is ready for endless adventure."

The all-new Aquasport 2400 Center Console promises a seamless blend of style and functionality, designed to deliver an exhilarating on-the-water experience. The Company anticipates that anglers will also be drawn to the 24-foot center console boat. "We've designed the 2400 CC with a spacious deck that provides ample room for casting and reeling, while multiple rod holders and a large live bait well will cater to any fisher's needs," remarks Visconti. "We're proud to say that the innovative design of Aquasport's all-new boat ensures every inch of space is optimized for the ultimate fishing experience."

The Company's third new boat model is the Twin Vee 280 GFX Dual Console, which offers versatility for family adventures. Following a classic dual console layout, the 280 DC GFX utilizes all of its 9-foot 6-inch beam, creating a wide U-shaped lounge seating area in the front of the boat. "Our new 280 DC GFX provides a large seating capacity that can fit the whole family and more," states Visconti. "Our power catamaran's wide beam makes for a dual console configuration with roomy ergonomics perfect for socializing." According to the Company, the 280 DC GFX will also boast beautifully upholstered seating and bolsters throughout while allowing 360 degrees of fishability. Moreover, the helm is clean and clear, with a tempered and curved glass wraparound windshield that provides access to the bow through a hinged middle panel. The 280 DC GFX offers owners a variety of amenities for an all-day fishing excursion or a casual day of entertaining on the water.

"Each model embodies our Company's dedication to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations in craftsmanship, technology, and design," explains Visconti. "Despite the hurdles posed by the current market landscape, Twin Vee and its subsidiary AquaSport Co. remain undeterred in our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction."

Jack Evergreen Bike Store

In anticipation of the festive season, Jack Evergreen Bike Store is pleased to announce a series of Christmas deals tailored for cyclists in the UK and Europe. Renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability, Jack Evergreen has curated a selection of bikes to cater to all preferences and riding styles.

Customers visiting will find exclusive discounts on road bikes, mountain bikes, and various accessories, making it the ideal destination for those seeking the perfect holiday gift or looking to upgrade their cycling gear.

The store's commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the holiday discounts. With swift and reliable shipping services covering the UK and all of Europe, Jack Evergreen ensures that customers receive their orders promptly, allowing them to enjoy their new bikes during the festive season.

"Jack Evergreen Bike Store aims to make quality cycling accessible to all riders. Our Christmas deals are designed to provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to embrace the joy of cycling with top-notch equipment at unbeatable prices," says Lee Harper, spokesperson for Jack Evergreen.

In addition to the seasonal offers, Jack Evergreen emphasizes its dedication to customer confidence and satisfaction. The online store provides a user-friendly shopping experience, allowing customers to easily manage their orders, explore various product options, and track shipments.

As the year comes to a close, Jack Evergreen invites cyclists of all levels to visit and take advantage of these special Christmas deals. Embrace the spirit of the season, elevate your cycling experience, and ride into the New Year with Jack Evergreen Bike Store.

Cleveland Golf Introduces Revamped Launcher XL 2 Drivers

It's well known the Driver is the one club every golfer gets excited about. But it's also the one club golfers often struggle with most. That's where CLEVELAND GOLF® comes in. Launcher XL 2 Drivers are packed with an XL blend of distance and forgiveness technologies that give the avid golfer everything they need to go longer off the tee and find more fairways.

"Using a multi-step AI process and emphasizing impact locations in areas where avid golfers tend to strike the ball, we were able to evaluate performance characteristics and manipulate face geometries based on those results," said Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering at Cleveland Golf. "With the MainFrame XL Face design golfers will see more powerful ball speeds, distance, and consistency no matter where contact is made."

Improvements didn't just stop at the face, though. Cleveland Golf reworked its XL Head Design and weighting setup to deliver even more forgiveness and consistency. Using an extremely thin crown that's supported by a strong, lightweight framework, Cleveland Golf was able to up MOI to the highest levels ever in a Cleveland Golf Driver.

- Testing showed a 2% increase in heel/toe MOI and a 12% increase in high/low MOI compared to the last generation. How does that translate on the course? Longer, straighter drives - even on mishits.

Every bit of power counts with the Driver, right? Well, Cleveland Golf doubled down on power with its Rebound Frame technology. See, most Drivers have one flex zone, but the Launcher XL 2 has two.

- At impact, these dual-flex zones work simultaneously, increasing the energy into the ball - amplifying ball speed and distance on every shot.

Now that technology is covered, let's talk adjustability. Having the right Driver for your swing is essential, which is why there are two Launcher XL 2 models: a standard version and a draw model made specifically for those who struggle with a slice. Both feature an adjustable hosel ranging from 9°-12° in 0.5° increments, making for 12 possible adjustments. This ensures each golfer will be able to find the right setup for their swing.

For players who feel distance isn't everything, Launcher XL 2 is offered in an optional Accuracy Build - a custom-configured setup that features a shaft that's a half-inch shorter for any player who is looking for more consistent strikes.