TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup Excitement


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) GT Cup ASIA 2022 ended on an exhilarating note on Saturday, 29 October 2022. E-motorsports enthusiasts witnessed 20 local qualifiers – from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea – pit their dexterity and superb driving skills against one another as they battled for the crown of the regional championship title and for a spot in the Global Finals.

Going against each other right from the start in the Regional Semi-Finals Group A, also known as the Group of Death, Andika Rama M. (Indonesia) dominated the race with his superb driving skills as he topped Group A while defending champion Nathayos Sirigaya (Thailand) finished the in second place.

Overall, reigning champion N. Sirigaya retained his title with 74 points and emerged as the TGR GT Cup ASIA 2022 Regional Champion. A Rama M. came in second with 71 points, just 3 points behind N. Sirigaya. With the tough competition this year, last year's first runner-up, Y.T. Chou only managed to claim victory in the last round of the Final race as he held his leading position throughout five laps, fending off other finalists who raced closely behind him, including defending champion N. Sirigaya. As the top two racers for this year's Regional Finals, both N. Sirigaya and A. Rama M. will represent Asia in the TGR GT Cup Global Finals in November, competing against other top e-Motorsport racers from around the world.

"When I started the final race in fourth position, I thought it was over at first and didn't think I could win the championship especially after I saw Taj Aiman pulling away and when I was overtaken by Andika Rama in the first half of the race. But I stayed calm and continued to push hard for the win, so I am very happy that I am able to win the championship again," N. Sirigaya enthused, upon reflecting on his journey towards victory. "It has been a thrilling experience racing alongside some of the best e-Motorsport racers in Asia. I am grateful to be crowned the TGR GT Cup ASIA champion again and I am thankful to Toyota for providing me with a platform to pursue my passion in e-Motorsports. Right now, my focus is to do better in this year's Global Finals."

Aside from the enhanced line-up of powerful race cars within the new GT 7 platform and newly introduced race conditions, the third season of the TGR GT Cup ASIA 2022 also underscores Toyota's commitment to making e-motorsports accessible across generations, by enabling racing enthusiasts from around the region to experience the thrill and joy of racing Toyota GR cars on iconic circuits. Fans and participants were also treated to a visual feast of fascinating livery designs inspired by local cultures from Asia-based artists such as India-based Graphic Designer Muhammed Sajid and Filipino Illustrator and 3D Artist Nez Yumul.

"We are once again heartened by the immense support for the third edition of the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup ASIA. All racers displayed impeccable skills and put up a good fight on the grueling racetracks. We hope that E-motorsports fans were thoroughly entertained, especially with the improved line-up of cars and race conditions as well as the myriad of livery designs that was displayed during the competition," said Giri Venkatesh, Acting Vice President at Toyota Motor Asia Pacific. "Well done to all racers and we wish N. Sirigaya and A. Rama M. all the best in the Global Finals."

N. Sirigaya and A. Rama M. will represent Asia and race against some of the world's best e-Motorsport racers in the TGR GT Global Finals slated for November.

The battle for the Regional Championship kickstarted with a Regional Semi-Finals Race, where 20 local qualifiers competed within their allocated groups and raced on the Fuji International Speedway in GR Yaris race cars. In Group A, racing down Fuji International Speedway circuit was a strong contender for this year's regional championship. A. Rama M. led the race right from the start and eventually took victory, with N. Sirigaya trailing right behind in second place. Although Iqbal Suji (Malaysia) started off in pole position for Group B, he was unable to hold on to his lead as Pradana Yogatama (Indonesia) overtook him on the first turn on lap 9. The latter eventually came up top in Group B, with I. Suji coming in second and N. Sirigaya's teammate Thanaphat Pungphat (Thailand) coming in third. For Group C, Taj Aiman (Malaysia) earned first place.

The top five racers from each group in the semi-final round proceeded to the final race, which featured three thrilling racetracks that further challenged the racers' ability and driving skills.

After an exhilarating first three semi-final races, the final race delivered an equally nerve-wrecking and intense battle across three rounds for the top 15 finalists – starting with the Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya in the GR Supra 20 for round one, followed by a wet weather race at the Nürburgring GP in the GR Supra Race car for round two and culminating in the iconic Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe with the powerful 952-horsepower TS GR010 Hypercar in round three. In round one, viewers were treated to a spectacular drive by N. Sirigaya who capitalized on Moreno Pratama's (Indonesia) mistake to take the lead on Lap three. Despite starting at the top of the grid, M. Pratama was unable to secure a seat on the podium with N. Sirigaya holding on for a victory in round one, while T. Aiman and M. Pratama finished second and third respectively.

In the second round, on the final lap, there was a close fight for first place between I. Suji and N. Sirigaya with A. Rama M. and T. Aiman battling it out for third position. Although N. Sirigaya continued to pile pressure on I. Suji throughout the race, wet weather expert I. Suji managed to fend off N. Sirigaya and edged him out for the win. In the final round, Y.T. Chou found himself back in the leading position to claim victory for the final race while defending champion N. Sirigaya fought hard to clinch third place in the final lap, sealing his championship title and pipping second place A. Rama M. to the title by just three points.

As with 2021's edition, prizes were also awarded to the top three country teams and the top three racers. Team Malaysia took home the winning team honour with 120 points, followed by Team Indonesia in second place with 110 points, and Team Thailand in third place with 104 points.

Panthers Hockey League Team Partners with PointsKash

Florida Panthers Hockey League team partnership with PointsKash

The Florida Panthers announced today a multi-year partnership with PointsKash, the first rewards points redemption application.

Fans will now have the unique opportunity to engage with the PointsKash mobile application and receive cash, crypto and NFT rewards for every purchase at FLA Live Arena while allowing them to make payments at any Panthers point of sale.

"We're excited to partner with the first blockchain enabled conversion platform, PointsKash on this unique opportunity for fans to earn and spend their points for rewards at FLA Live Arena," said Florida Panthers Chief Commercial Officer Shawn Thornton.

FLA Live Arena patrons will be able to engage with PointsKash pre-game, as well as during and post-game, to win rewards points as prizes to spend anywhere.

"We can't wait to give fans the opportunity to reward themselves while attending the game that matters to them and engaging with the sport in a whole new way," said Steve Janjic, CEO of PointsKash.

PointsKash, an innovative first mover, has developed a proprietary platform that services consumers, rewards points issuers and merchants in the conversion of loyalty reward points to cash.

Our merchant payment processing services team has over 40 years of experience serving small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses, including local, regional, and national convenience store fuel stations, auto dealerships, manufacturers, sporting events, e-gaming organizations and retailers. PointsKash is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with additional support in Kansas City, Missouri.

Multi-Sports Events: Exciting Schedule Revealed

Multi-Sports Events Schedule

Important sports events in a sporting calendar usually involve multiple sports. Olympics games are the most famous sports event held after every year. It has a few of the multi-sport events, which are popular among the athletes of that particular region, unknown to majority of the people.

Here are some of the most watched sports events:

1. Olympic Games: Nothing beats this huge yet vital event in the field of sports. Olympic Games started from Olympia, Greece back in the 8th century. Since, then it led to the most modern games. Olympics takes place after every four years in winter and summers.

2. X Games: This sports event is held for extreme action sports. X Games not only occur in summers but it has its own winter season.

3. World Games: It is an International Association of games since 1981. This event covers all the sports, which are not included in the Olympic Games.

4. Urban Games: Urban Games event is a five-day celebration of the generation of sports. It covers the 3x3 basketball, skateboard and cycling trails.

5. World Artistic Games: As the name of the event suggests it covers the field of artistic sports i.e. trampoline, hip-hop dance, acrobatics, freestyle, and synchronized swimming and diving. It not only covers this area of sports but also provides competition for figure Roller Skating and aerobic gymnastics.

6. World Beach Games: This sporting event combines sports along with the concept of beach. 20 kinds of sports are considered of this event. For instance, games like beach volleyball, beach football or dragon boat racing takes place.

7. World Combat Games: It was first held in the year 2010, and again in the year 2013. It includes competition of 15 martial arts, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, fencing, sambo, savate, aikido, judo, karate, kendo, kickboxing, jujitsu, and wushu.

8. World Mind Games: It is a multi-sport event formed by International Mind Sports Association. It was brought with the concept being followed in Olympic Games. It includes games like chess, draughts, go and xiangqi.

9. eGames: An event held for the video game players out there on an international level. This event let the gamers come and show their talent by competing on an international basis.

Games for Disable

1. Paralympic Games: This sporting event works in union with Olympic Games. It is an international multi sports event, which comprises of athletes with disabilities. It occurs in winter and summers as well.

2. Deaflympics: As the name suggests this event comprises events for deaf individuals.

3. Special Olympics World Games: It is the world’s largest society that combines youth along with adults with any rational disabilities. This society comprises of 4.4 million athletes from 170 countries around the globe.

4. Invictus Games: This multi-sport event holds events for wounded soldiers. An event primarily inspired by the concept of Warrior Games.

5. Defi Sportif: This international sporting event is particularly designed for athletes who have auditory, physical, psychiatric, and visual disabilities. It takes place every year in Canada with a competition of 20 countries and 5,000 athletes.

Basketball's Behavioral Impact Explored

Behavioral Impact of Basketball

Basketball is a game that comprises two teams consisting of five players in each game, opposing each other with the same motive to put the ball in the defender’s hoop. As, this field of game is progressing a sense of motivation in terms of self-organization has been observed in the life pattern of players. While the opponents are trying to snatch the ball from you, a creative behavior emerges.

A group of Spanish researchers analyzed 6000 NBA games, and came with a conclusion that for a living thing to survive, one must keep his lifestyle evolving continuously. This has been the latest sports news and is highly noticed by many scientists and physicians.

A book named as "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll, emphasizes that for every individual it is important to run in the race in order to avoid being left behind by his or her nation.

Same behavior is found to be adaptive in basketball players as per the researches in Spain. Structuring of a team and coordination of behaviors of the team members is how the sports score card progresses.

Basketball is considered to be a simple game but in reality, the structure of this game is quite complex.

In order to achieve success in basketball, one needs to know what action is required under what place and time. This makes your mind alert at a rate that is higher than an average individual does. The reflex is what makes basketball a complex one, all the power lies with the reflex to a certain situation in the game.

The way the ball is passed on regardless of the fact it is blocked or a space is created, this is where creativity takes place in the game. This not only promotes creativity but a sports team creativity.

The creativity takes place continuously and simultaneously throughout the entire game of basketball. This is where it captures the attention of audience and gives the chance to media to capture new behaviors that arise in the teams and publish it in their sports articles.

This game remains intensified till the last minute. The last minute of the game holds the most chaos but in those last 60 seconds the game turns out to be scientifically irrational and random.

For basketball, it is mandatory to fight until the last minute; a single mistake by any team member can turn the game upside down. It can be compared exactly to a predator prey system.

In NBA majority of the cutthroat sports result are decided in the last 60 seconds when the opponent decides his winning strategy. The last minute holds the power of all the factors and skills of a team i.e. communication, collaboration, mutual support, and the strategies that are needed at that moment. Elements of the system are brought into test.

Teams who have been ruling the game of basketball hold the characteristics of adapting any situation and the tool of strategy at the spur of the moment. This is what gives them better opportunities to win. If a sense of teamwork is encouraged in the players it brings the win title to home otherwise ego could play its card.