Wrestling: Entertaining Athletic Spectacle

Wrestling as an entertaining sport

Wrestling is a sport which includes two competitors; one of the opponents needs to touch the ground with some part of the body excluding his feet. Usually the supine position (to touch the back) needs to touch the ground or the opponent is held in that position for a minimum time duration.

Wrestling was developed by ancient Greeks in order to train their soldiers in hand to hand combat.

Sports events such as wrestling, earned popularity during the middle ages including the royal houses in France, Japan and England.

Wrestling earned its fame in America when the American settlers brought the wrestling traditions from England along with them. This is when the wrestling hit its fame in native Americans, according sports news.

Types of Wrestling:

1) Belt and Jacket:

In belt and jacket style wrestling clothing of the wrestlers offers a grip on the opponent. In various cases more than two belts are worn by the wrestlers whereas in other cases a special belted jacket along with special trousers are worn.

2) Catch hold:

In catch hold style wrestlers are asked to take a given hold before the game begins. This hold should be kept constant and maintained throughout the struggle.

3) Loose Wrestling:

This style of wrestling is usually taken in practice for modern international competitions. In this wrestling the players are free to use any style of wrestling except for the ones that are forbidden. For instance, grabbing the opponent's clothes or strangle hold.

Wrestling is divided in terms of what is desired to win. Classifications can be evaluated on a rising size of violence. Such as the break position in which it is required constraining the rival to give up a specific position.

Origins of Wrestling

Wrestling is usually acknowledged as one of the oldest form of sports known to human race. For some it was represented as a means of entertainment where as in other part of the world it was used for military or religious purpose. Demonstration of wrestling is found on the ancient rocks of Egypt providing the authentication of this game. Egyptian scholars' state to sports news channel that wrestling was used as a means of military purpose in the Egyptian era. On the other hand, Greeks have always used wrestling as a means of entertainment. Later, this sport was adapted by the Britishers and then passed onto America from England.

Guide to Modern Wrestling:

Today wrestling in the United States is referred to as WWE or Impact Wrestling. WWE, Impact Wrestling and ROH run professional wrestling sports events throughout the world as a means of entertainment or sport. Fights are synchronized with dramatic stories such as arguments between the opponents. This is basically a technique used by these wrestling teams in order to gain interest of people and promotion for their matches.

Where as in Europe a different wrestling style is adapted where there is less use of story lines and more of wrestling. UK achieved major popularity in its wrestling but dropped at a very immense rate as people developed keen interest towards the American wrestling.

Tennis Health Benefits: A Holistic Perspective

Tennis and its health benefits

Tennis is a popular sport that is suitable for all ages and skill levels. Two people called singles or four people called doubles can play it. Tennis is played with racquets and a ball. The aim is to hit the ball over the net on to the other side of the court.

Club courts and public courts are available is almost every town. Sports events such as social games, competitions and tournaments are arranged by the tennis clubs for the people to play with and against. If you don’t have a partner to play with you can also practice your skills by hitting the tennis ball against the wall. Playing tennis is very good for health. It helps maintain your health, physical fitness, strength and agility.

According to news, sport such an hour-long game of tennis can burn up to 600 calories for men and 420 calories for women. Along with the physical health benefits, tennis also provides social and mental health benefits. It can be a great workout and lots of fun. A tennis game increases the aerobic capabilities in a person. It lowers the resting heart rate and the blood pressure. It also helps in improving the metabolic function. A game of tennis involves a variety of the play, for example serving the ball, rallies, fast movements and strategic play due to which body fat is reduced, muscle tone is improved and also the strength and flexibility is boosted. The game tennis not only strengthens the immune system but also relaxes the mind.

With the technological advancements people have gone far from each other and they hardly get time to spend time with friends and family. However, now sports such as Tennis can be a great way to meet people and spend time with friends.

This game demands a series of quick runs in a one to two-hour time. This increases your heart rate which pumps the oxygen and nutrients to your muscles more quickly. All of this results in lowering the risks of having blood pressure, heart attacks or diseases regarding the heart.

Numerous sports articles discuss the outnumbered benefits of sports such as Tennis. Playing this game on regular basis, makes you more attentive and improves your concentration along with your memory. As this sport requires a lot of skill and strategy, it keeps your mind engaged while coordinating the body along with it.

Tennis helps you improve mentally. There have been numerous sports events, in which many players have discussed how the game helped them fight depression and anxiety disorders. Tennis improves your self-esteem. Once an individual starts to pursue this sport, it helps them improve their body structure and self-image. The more you improve in this game, the better and stronger you are.

According to recent research by Dr. Jim and news sports such as Tennis has a greater impact on building positive aspects of personality in comparison to golf and skating.

Now sports like Tennis are explored by scientists and physicians to find the positive and negative effects of it. Many mental health care institutions have made sports a part of their daily routine for patients and have found unexpected positive changes in their patient’s health.

Sports is the healthiest activity to participate in. Other sports may provide outstanding affects but sports articles and research say that tennis has the most effect on emotional growth and mental health. No other sport has received such recognition for physical, mental and emotional health.

Formula One vs Formula E: Racing Dynamics

Formula One vs Formula E

Formula 1, also known as the most outclass car of single seater auto racing. Formula one cars are hybrids with an open cockpit and are open wheel single seaters. The framework of this car is made with large carbon-fiber composites, making it light weight and strong in shape. The entire weight of the car is only 733 kg including the driver.

Formula one has been ruling the game of auto racing since the year 1950 and has been making sports headlines but as the technology progresses, can this single seater car be the only monopoly in racing cars or will someone bring a competitor?

Stunning Formula one cars have been ruling the motor sports news for nearly 70 years but the new Formula E in 2016 has brought a tough competition to it. Formula E is a class of auto racing car and is based on electric power. Formula E has altered the way by being more environment friendly and leaner in shape. The only question that arises in the mind of people is that will formula E replace Formula one or both will progress in the market side by side.

A survey was taken place on this behalf and a mixed reaction came from the people. Many people said they are afraid that Formula one will no longer be in demand. If the future advancements are kept in mind then there will be a very low probability of combustion racing cars allowed in certain countries, according to the latest sports news. Therefore, the Formula one has to stay either in its original position or needs to merge with the technology of formula E.

As electric cars emits less air pollution in comparison to hybrid cars, Formula one's hybrid system uses a clean energy system by breaking the emissions of combustion engines. A recruit, Felipe Massa states to sports news channels; that the world is changing at an amazing rate and the need for electric cars is growing eventually. One may see many brands have launched fully electric cars just like formula E for everyday use. Many experts believe and state in various sports articles that the merge of these two cars is considered to be impossible. Even if the formula one car wants to merge into formula E it is not a simple task as people consider it to be.

The two auto racing cars have separate identities but they fall under the same ownership of U.S Billionaire John C Malone. John Eric who happens to be the champion of Formula E, believes that the merging of these bodies is the ultimate answer. He reported to a latest sports news paper that it would probably be one of the best victories that could be won by both the parties. He explained that it would be pretty awesome if half of the season is carried out in Formula one cars and half in formula E. Whereas, Daniel Abt disagreed with this statement and said that these cars are completely opposite just like the north and south pole. Formula E is an electric car similar with an experience of street racing while the formula one has proper circuits and is possibly one of the best cars. This made its way to the media and made sports headlines.

Formula one has been an evolutionary car whereas formula e has brought revolution in the game.