NYT's Best Folding Bikes: Compact Mobility Solutions

new york times best folding bikes

For over four decades, folding bike pioneer DAHON has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Its high-quality folding bikes are at the heart and mind of bike riders around the world.

To find out which folding bike does it all the best for most commuter riders and utilitarian users, the New York Times has conducted a survey on 13 popular models from 9 manufacturers, with 85+ hours of research and rigorous testing on the aspects of user experience, comfort of riding, ease of folding, and bike weight.

At last, the well-designed DAHON Mariner D8 stood out with all those aspects, combining good riding experience, high-quality components, and a reasonable price, topping the chart of "New York Times' Best Folding Bikes".

The design inspiration of DAHON Mariner D8 originates from the sailing concept. The super anti-rust surface of its parts is suitable for high-salt and high-humidity environments. Marine D8 can be stored on board a yacht or a boat for a long time before the rider goes for a comfortable ride on the island.

Upon folding, Mariner D8 can be stored in the trunk of a car or a recreation vehicle. Whether carrying on the bus or in the subway, commuters can easily carry it around in the hustle and bustle of the city. Mariner D8 can easily meet the travel needs of cyclists. It can be described as an "all-rounded chariot".

The New York Times notes that "the Mariner D8 rides comfortably, smoothing over bumps and shifting fluidly up and down hills; it folds and unfolds quickly and locks securely in both modes; the design also addresses practical concerns". It comes with fenders to keep mud from splashing in the rain; the front bag can be installed on the frame, and the rear frame can carry and hang items.

Well-known bicycle magazines such as Canadian Cycling Magazine and Momentum Mag coined DAHON Mariner D8 as the best choice for green commuting and leisure travel.

"Good value for money with perfect craft design" is the true feeling of most riders who have experienced DAHON folding bikes.

To make the single-beam folding bike stronger, more stable and faster, the Founder and CEO Dr. David Hon led the R&D team on a rigorous research to develop a patent of "Folding Bike Frame with Reinforced Cable at the Down Tube", giving birth to the DELTEC cable nowadays.

With DELTEC cable installed on a single-beam folding bike, a stable triangular structure is formed at the frame, which greatly increases the service life and load capacity of the overall frame structure. At the same time, the longitudinal rigidity of the whole vehicle is increased by 15%-35%, and the force of pedaling is effectively converted into propulsion, reducing energy loss and being faster than other vehicles.

In the future, DAHON will continue to innovate folding bikes' design and actively promote green and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

For more information, please visit: www.dahon.com