Top Formula Cars: Racing Legends Unveiled

top formula cars of all time

Formula One is one of the highest class of one seater auto racing cars endorsed by the Federation International den I ‘Automobile and owned by the Formula One Group.

Formula one is one of the most leading racing automobiles since the year 1950 as a popular sports update. The word formula is derived from the set of rules that all the cars must adapt. Formula one consists of series of races known as Grand Prix, which is a French word that means "Grand Prizes".

Engine suppliers of Formula one cars are Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda. Formula one cars tyre manufactures are Pirelli.

Here is a list of top iconic cars of Formula one:

Maserati 250F

By the statistics of race, Maserati 250F hardly makes an impression. According to authentic sports news this car has won titles in the Grand Prix between the years 1954 and 1959. It is considered as one of the finest and the most graceful cars in the category of formula one cars. Regardless of the fact that this car lacked the constructor's championship till 1958, the pause of results still has no effects on the reputation of this outstanding car. Maserati has the honors of being raced before and after the World War II.

Lotus 25

The boss of Lotus called as Colin Chapman, is an outstanding engineer. Lotus is one of the revolutionized formula cars designed by the monocoque classics. It has made sports news headlines for its amazing results in the racecourse. This beautiful aluminum bathtub shaped car has half of the weight of he welded structure and its shape is three times stiffer. This eye-catching formula car was launched through the year 1962, and soon was the most competitive car that would have won the title of championship but lacked because of the engine failure in the final race. The domination era of this car was from 1964.

Brabham BT20

The Brabham BT20 is considered to be one of the iconic engineering models because of the simplicity of its model. This car was designed by Jack Braham who won the world championships twice in 1959 and 1960. This continuous wins made Braham eager to launch his own formula car. The car dominated in the era of 1964 to 1965 but unfortunately Ferrari and BRM over took its position as their engines were complex and specifically build. This car is mentioned in various sports articles online which are related to speed and racing.

Ferrari 640

As the technology never fails to amaze us. Ferrari 640 is a perfect example of this. Ferrari 640 has a concept of semi- automatic transmission that was linked with a push button gear selector on its steering wheel. Ferrari 640 has conquered some drawbacks regarding the gearbox back in 1989. Barnard redesigned it making it the fastest and hard to compete car. This car is in the history of Mansell victory on his debut in Brazil. However, Ferrari's name is always present in sports updates related to racing and sports cars.

Mercedes W05

One of the major technical change represents Mercedes W05. This car holds the title of six wins I.e. four for the Hamilton and two for Nico Rosberg. Mercedes W05 is one the dominant car in the history of formula one cars and has been a dominant part of sports news related to racing.