Off-Road Adventure Series: New Automotive Thrills

new off road automotive adventure series

Bestop, producer of tops and accessories for Jeeps, trucks, and Ford Broncos, and Heather Storm, television personality have partnered to create a new digital automotive series. Heather Storm Off Road will showcase some of the amazing adventures you can have when you take your Bronco off-road.

"We're so excited to share with the new Bronco community this journey into off-roading," said Scott Baird, vice president of sales and marketing at Bestop. "Sit back and let Heather take you into the world of exploration and conquering new things as she discovers the vehicle, the people, the places, and some of the products that make the off-road adventure worth chasing. We hope you enjoy!"

To celebrate the series, Bestop is kicking off the Heather Storm Off-Road Giveaway for May 1 - 15. Eligible participants can enter for a chance to win a $500 gift card for No purchase is necessary, and more information will be available on Bestop's website.

Heather Storm Off Road aims to make off-roading accessible to anyone who wants to get involved in the sport, including Storm, who recently moved from Los Angeles to a small town in Colorado. During the series, Storm connects with the off-road community, and learns about the vehicles and adventures in her own Ford Bronco.

Throughout her experience, Storm will feature new, must-have accessories for the all-new 2021-2023 Ford Bronco from premium brands such as Bestop (soft tops), Baja Designs (lighting), PRP Seats, Tuffy Security Products, and others.

"With the new Bronco finally released, more folks than ever want to get out on the dirt roads and explore, myself included," said Storm.

Bestop has inspired customers to enjoy their driving adventure since 1954. Born in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Bestop has a long history of ground-breaking new products for Jeeps, Trucks, and Ford Broncos. Its most popular innovation, the Sunrider for Hardtop, replaces the overhead "Freedom Panels" on Jeep and Bronco models with an all-purpose, all-weather, year-round soft top that allows customers to easily flip it back for an open-air experience.

Heather Storm is an automotive television personality, producer and writer who gained fame for her fun-loving personality on MotorTrend's Garage Squad. A travel writer and influencer, Storm created the series, Drive Yourself Local, where she explores small town America in her classic Mustang, and now Heather Storm Off-Road where she discovers the world of off-roading. In addition to appearing in numerous movies, TV shows and commercials, Heather shares her inspirational adventure stories on her lifestyle blog, On the Road.